A different lane, a different boutique

H I S T O R Y 

Onyx Street Boutique started in 2012 as an online women’s boutique specializing in vintage clothing in Omaha, Nebraska and is owned by Shar Shelton. Onyx Street offers a women’s clothing, accessories, and our signature t-shirt line specializing in fast fashion and current events.

Known for serving statements with looks that are both trendy and timeless. Onyx Street is the shopping destination for anyone who loves to stand out and stay ahead of the curve.


When we transitioned from selling vintage pieces to contemporary classics we had to undergo a name change. We wanted to incorporate street because in the UK high street in fashion is where ready to wear clothing is produced. We also gear customers who stay in their own lane when it comes to fashion. The Onyx stone is a powerful and it is said that Cleopatra uses to wear the onyx stone for protection. It is said to keep away negative energy and vibrate power. So to sum it all up, we specialize in good vibes only while staying in our own lane.

Founder image


Onyx Street opened up their storefront in a new development in an urban part of their community in 2017. As business continued to pick up, owner Shar Shelton kept noticing many of her customers either already had their own business or were interested in starting one. Believing in collaboration over community, Shar developed and founded Minorities Owning Businesses, The MOB. The MOB is a local collective that brings businesses in the community together with vendor events and networking opportunities. Shar has coined herself as a “community connector” where she connects and encourages people to shop with minority owned businesses on a consistent basis. Onyx Street also takes pride in mentoring young “girl bosses” in the community helping them take their fashion dreams from idea to start-up. Onyx has employed and mentored many fashion minded people within the community.


“ My favorite day of the week is Monday because I get to start my week gawking at how beautiful my customers were styled throughout the weekend.”
- Shar Shelton 

Shar Shelton, founder is a mother of 3 beautiful sons. She believes in independence and individuality and curates that with her everyday style. Onyx Street is the road where women with hella hustle and dope style commute. We do not take the task of making woman feel whole and beautiful lightly.